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Who we are


Lifelong Friendships

You may only see them once a year, but the connections you make at Oakhill Fully Charged are lifelong bonds. From seeing your best friends to seeing all of your old counselors, camp always brings back the best memories.


Field Trips

All of our campers go on a field trip each week; always fun, and age appropriate! Our youngest campers have the zoo come to camp, and our oldest take a day trip to Worlds of Fun! These experience make for memories our campers will never forget!


Delicious Food

Camp can take a lot out of our campers, so we make sure they replenish with the best food you will eat all summer! We offer an in-house lunch program daily that includes multiple entrees and side options, a dessert, and beverage options each day. You will not want to miss lunchtime at Oakhill Fully Charged!


Non-Stop Fun

Our mission is to make our campers smile every day they attend camp! If its just one day or the entire summer, your camper will never be bored due to the ever-changing daily activities Oakhill Fully Charged provides.


We live for Summertime

Wet or dry we know how to have a good time!


Oakhill fully charged

Why we are different than other Summer Camps!

We take pride in giving each camper a sense of belonging and a family outside of their own. We provide an environment where everyone feels welcome and is free to express themselves as the kids they are.