These are our youngest campers, and we take extra special care of this group. We focus on safety, movement, and routine. Our goal is for all campers to be excited and entertained each day. This age group does not miss out on field trips or pool parties, but experiences all kinds of activities at school instead of out in the community. Campers will party each week in pools, complete with sprinklers and water balloon fun.

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In 2020, we will be accepting campers as young as 18 months! For more information about a year-round option, please contact Dorothy Beckham, Director of Admissions for Oakhill Day School.

Highlights for these Teams

  • Located at the Main Campus

  • Pool Party once a week

  • Snack provided by camp twice per day

  • Daily nap time for each group with Kindergarten using it as a story and snack time

  • Kindergarten has access to the Camp Store

  • Kindergarten will travel to the pool with the 1st grade team

  • Two highly qualified counselors per age group that want nothing but the best for each camper

Field Trips

  • Bounce House

  • Kansas City Zoo

  • Mad Scientists

  • Ziggy’s Gym time

  • Feaster’s story time

  • Cooks and Books with Chef

  • Fire truck tour

  • Music and Movement with Burnfin

  • Camps got Talent on Linden Square Stage